Customize Your Motorola

If there is one thing that you can do to make your phone personal to you, what would it be? Well with Motorola you can completely customise your phone with screen layout, font style, colours, icon shapes and wallpapers. The question is where would you start and how would your phone look when you have finished? Find out more on Motorola here; #Motorola #CustomiseYourPhone #ScreenLayout #FontStyle #Colours #IconShapes #Wallpapers

Lenovo ThinkPhone By Motorola

Motorola has had its ups and downs, yet like all good things the company has managed to hang in there. Here is the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola and it is launching soon in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the famous Lenovo ThinkPad. Find out more here; #Lenovo #ThinkPhone #Motorola #ThinkPad #Smartphone #MotorolaThinkPhone #LenovoThinkPhone

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion Viva Magenta

Apparently colour means a lot to people especially when it comes to smartphones and so to address this issue phone manufacturers are bringing out special colours and making such an issue over it. In this case, it is the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in a stunning magenta colour, but where is the hi-viz yellow colour, this would be much more practical when you cannot find your phone in the dark! Find out more on the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion here; #Motorola #Edge #Fusion #VivaMagenta #MotorolaEdge30Fusion #Magenta #Phone #Smartphone

Thirty Years Of Text Messaging

Around thirty years ago the first text message was sent, we come to know this service as SMS and yet of all the ideas found on mobile phones, SMS is the one that has never really managed to stand the test of time and therefore has become one of those features on a phone that many people rarely use, which is a shame as SMS showed such great promise thirty years ago. #SMS #Text #Message #TextMessage #Messaging #Phones #MobilePhones #Smartphones #Apps

Nokia Talks About Affordable Smartphones

If you are one of those consumers that think smartphones have reached the peak of the price mountain you are not alone. The days of the £1200 phone could be numbered as the consumer either puts off getting a new device or looks around for a more reasonable alternative. It seems that Nokia is looking to fit into the middle ground of the smartphone price with the affordable range of 5G smartphones, so it’s got to be worth a look. Find out more on Nokia phones here; #Nokia #Smartphone #NokiaPhones #AffordableSmartphone #NewPhone #NokiaSmartphone #NewSmartphone

Galaxy Buds2 Pro Expert By Chris Gehringe

Want to know a bit more about the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Expert then you are in luck with the review by Grammy-winning mastering engineer Chris Gehringer, if you want to know about top-quality audio, then you might as well listen to an expert. Find out more here; #Samsung #Galaxy #Audio #GalaxyBuds2ProExpert #ChrisGehringe #SamsungGalaxy #SamsungGalaxyAudio

The New Nokia T21 Tablet

There are plenty of tablets on the market, so what makes the T21 from Nokia any different from those already out there? To start with it’s family-friendly, tough and has a battery life of up to three days, so that is a great starting point now watch the video above. Find out more here; #Nokia #NokiaPhones #NokiaTablet #Tablets #Phones #NokiaT21Tablet #NewNokia

Your Bespoke Samsung Galaxy Flip

If like many people you do not want to be the same, then Samsung are there for you with the bespoke edition of the popular Galaxy Flip4 smartphone. Simply choose the colours that matches your stylish lifestyle and that’s it, a popular phone that has a personal touch! Find out more here; #SoYou #GalaxyZFlip4BespokeEdition #Samsung #SamsungGalaxyFlip #Smartphone #CustomDesign #SamsungGalaxy