Calamity Canyon Flythrough In Crash Team Rumble

Ready to play on Crash Team Rumble with the new Calamity Canyon Flythrough map, it’s going to be a bumpy ride and you know it! As if Calamity Canyon was not dangerous enough you have the competition to contend with who are looking to take you out at every opportunity. Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal? Find out more on Crash Team Rumble here; #CalamityCanyon #Flythrough #CrashTeamRumble #CrashBandicoot #Racing #Gaming

Europa Universalis IV Domination Empire

Take control of your armies and make your empire great again, forget about what history says, make your own history and dominate the known world. Sounds easy doesn’t it, but how many Emperors have made the same mistake of misjudging the enemy, not knowing the location and not knowing when winter is coming? Change the course of history now, Find out more on Europa Universalis IV Domination here; #History #Wars #Invasion #EuropaUniversalisIVDomination #Empires #Emperors

Bayonetta Origins Cereza Lost Demon Accolades Nintendo Switch

A young girl who just happens to be an apprentice witch and her demon go into the Avalon Forest and although this is a forbidden place this is the beginning of a magical adventure. This is classic gaming at its best, if you like this sort of game, then you will love Bayonetta Origins on the Nintendo Switch. Find out more on the Nintendo Switch here; #BayonettaOrigins #Gaming #CerezaLostDemon #Accolades #NintendoSwitch #Witches #Demons

Honkai Star Rail HoYoverse Space Fantasy

All aboard the Astral Express for an exciting journey that will be filled with excitement and thrilling adventures when the Honkai Star Rail game comes out at the end of April. The object of the game is to explore and discover while meeting new friends and avoiding anyone who is looking for trouble. Find out more on Honkai Star Rail here; #HonkaiStarRail #HoYoverse #EpicGames #AstralExpress #SpaceFantasy #RPG

Find Out More About Bowser

You will know Bowser from the Mario games, he is the one who always seems to be snatching the beautiful Princess Peach and holding her hostage. He is a tough guy and has the breath to match, but the Mario games would not be the same without the king of the Koopas. Find out more about Bowser here; #Bowser #Mario #PrincessPeach #Games #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo

Travel Post Apocalyptic American Wasteland

The future world has been destroyed by the destructive force known only as the Miasma, in this post-apocalyptic world America is virtually a wasteland and we follow a couple of odd brothers, one who is able to somehow control the Miasma and the other is more robot than human. Find out more on Miasma here; #Miasma #PostApocalyptic #America #Wasteland #TacticalGaming #TurnBasedCombatGame #RPG

The Story Behind Tetris On Apple TV

For those of us who spent many hours on our Nintendo Gameboys playing Tetris finding out the story behind the game is something that is of great interest as this really was the beginning of gaming as we know it today. The story follows Alexey Pajitnov the creator so Tetris as he tries to get the game into the mainstream while playing cat and mouse with the KGB, this is classic 80’s gaming in real life! Find out more on Tetris on Apple TV here; #Tetris #AppleTV #KGB #Gaming #NintendoGameboy #GamesDesign #AlexeyPajitnov

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R Keicho Nijimura

There is nothing like having your big brother around, but for Okuyasu having Keicho Nijimura around is more like a family feud than playing at happy families, where you are going to need more than a bow and arrow to stay in the game with the help of some useful infantry at his disposal. Find out more on JoJos Bizzare Adventure here; #AllStarBattleR #JoJosBizzareAdventure #DiamondIsUnbreakable #Okuyasu #KeichoNijimura

Beware Enter The Gord

There is nothing better than getting insider information from the developers of games, this time we are talking about the Into The Gord game and while this is a tricky game to master there are some tricks and tips available, this is where the inside knowledge comes in and why you should be taking notice of it. Find out more on the Into the Gord game here; #Gord #IntoTheGord #EnterTheGord #GamesDevelopers #GamesKnowledge

What do you know about Luigi?

He is the character from Nintendo who wears green and just loves to travel around and go to the races, he is not a miracle worker or even the quickest one off the line, but what he does is give it all he can and in reality that is all you ask, isn’t it? Find out more on Luigi and the Nintendo Switch here; #Luigi #Nintendo #Games #Gaming #Consoles #NintendoSwitch