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INTNT.AI has today announced the opening of its European headquarter operations in London, England. The new business will support growth in demand for its INTNT.ENGINE chatbot and voice-bot training platform that is proven to boost customer satisfaction.

In an era of digital and an always mobile, always online audience, the ‘idea’ of chat and voice bots as a vehicle to supporting customer and prospect enquiries appeals to businesspeople. Done well, bots offer ANOTHER WAY of helping audiences to serve themselves with the answers they are looking for. It means any business can economically offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week provision to answer support requests, raise interest in new products, and convert new business opportunities.

Manuel Ho, CEO of INTNT.AI explains, “Most of us have a negative impression of the usefulness of chatbots and voicebots, principally because they generally aren’t well trained. Training these modern instruments of customer service is today difficult and costly, generally requiring hours of manual re-programming by costly IT staff. At the same time, customer experience leaders know that on-demand service that’s able to support customers 24/7 on mobile, desktop and smart speaker is the future. Our new European headquarters provides a centre of excellence to the region. It brings this important region access to the latest innovations coming from our Asian R&D operations through the adoption of our INTNT.ENGINE AI/NLP training platform.”

The fundamental challenges that chatbots and voicebots face come in two main forms:

False Positives—This occurs when a bot “thinks” it knows what you’re asking but doesn’t– resulting in the wrong answer being given. In some respects, a false positive is worse than a missed intent because the returned data clearly exposes the fact that the bot doesn’t know what the requester is talking about.

Missed Intents— The most common challenge bots have is grasping what humans are asking for. The potential of questions is limitless, so hard coding ALL of those questions and answers isn’t an option, which is why smart bots need to think for themselves. In the industry of bots and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the term used to describe occasions when bots don’t get what you’re asking to do is called a missed intent.

Ho adds, “We’ve been able to resolve the problem of training chatbots and voicebots by creating a platform that automates this process. Our INTNT.ENGINE tackles both false positives and missed intents built on our proprietary patent-pending Natural Language Processing (NLP). Chat dialogue is streamed through our ‘filter’ which interprets what matters most to enquirers, to then make recommendations to responses that are easily adopted by bot employers.”

The results provided by the Singapore deep tech company have been proven through wide-scale end-user deployments. According to A. Leong, Senior Product Manager at a leading insurance company, “ INTNT. ENGINE has turned our bot around. Our escalation to live-chat has dropped from 21% to 6% while customer satisfaction has increased from 1 to 4 out of 5 stars.”

Ian Tomlin, newly appointed Managing Director for the UK and European operations of INTNT.AI says, “We’re delighted to bring the world-leading innovations of INTNT.AI to the European region and have its centre of excellence located in the heart of East London Tech City in the Silicon Roundabout district. It’s particularly pleasing to me that, already, the new venture has created five new tech roles. I think the selection of London as the base of European sales operations for INTNT.AI signposts the growing influence of the UK FinTech industry in Europe.”

If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the INTNT.AI website just click here to find out more!

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