Armadillo launches its ADD System

To mark the 24th anniversary of its web launch, The Armadillo Group has continued its innovation and have brought out their latest module – ADD, the first on its new revolutionary HUB platform. This new platform allows easy plug-in of data supply and delivery in any format such as API, web, mobile, app etc. All moving towards its target of creating the RegTech Golden Source.

The ADD – Armadillo Dig Deeper system; for searching PEPs (politically Exposed Person) sanctions and adverse media will bolster innovation and revolutionise the RegTech industry. It uses real-time data on over 420 million companies and 5 billion individuals with full and auditable monitoring functionality, assisting compliance professionals in passing inspections, avoiding massive fines, prosecution and potentially jail.

Armadillo, the first online corporate data and onboarding compliance information system on the web, today announced its newest product launch, ADD (Armadillo Dig Deeper), giving customers access to PEPs and sanctions checks on 420 million companies and 5 billion adult individuals. The global offering will be delivered through The Armadillo Group’s revolutionary tools for regulated businesses, powered by expert robotic automation and AI analytics.

Together with its new modular system, Armadillo is also announcing the launch of its new HUB solution – building towards the Regtech Golden Source. This offers a robust platform that allows regulated businesses to receive exactly the right verification and onboarding data from ‘anywhere, to anywhere at any time’ and in any language. This gives compliance professionals peace of mind by minimising risk; helping them to avoid prosecution, massive fines, reputational damage and potentially jail.

CEO and founder Emmanuel ( Manny ) Cohen said “The ethos of our company is to assist regulated clients by easing the burden of inspections. This exciting new product sits on our advanced tech HUB which also allows our clients to receive full monitoring functionality that is auditable; so they can meet regulatory requirements with the option of storing the data and audit trails for the regulatory requirement of up to 7 years. This sets us apart from the competition”

Clients of The Armadillo Group will be able to leverage new information modules including data sources on companies and individuals including PEPs, sanctions, law enforcement, financial regulators, insolvency, disqualified directors and adverse media. Clients will also be able to leverage KYC and on-boarding expertise and in-depth web monitoring.

Armadillo, launched in 1997 also has a trusted worldwide network of verification professionals for Deep Dive due diligence and incorporates a UK law firm and two other regulated entities. The Armadillo Group is trusted by its clients to reliably inform and protect their regulated businesses. The new solutions are uniquely positioned to support firms with their compliance and onboarding challenges in sectors including investment, banking, finance, accountancy and audit, law, property, oil & gas and exchanges.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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