BTCNEXT Exchange offers users a variety of trading opportunities


The number of active trading pairs on the BTCNEXT Exchange has exceeded 60! That’s down to the listing of multiple new coins.

The BTCNEXT Exchange, led by BTCNEXT Foundation, Hong Kong, is reaching new heights. Over 10 new coins have been listed on the exchange in 2021. The overall number of trading pairs now exceeds 70! The team is only just getting started and plans to list more coins in the future.

The BTCNEXT Foundation, Hong Kong team has been prioritizing DeFi tokens for its listings. Coins such as AAVE, COMP, 1INCH and SUSHI were added to the platform. An emphasis was placed on listing new tokens in the first half of 2021 and the trading arsenal was thus augmented with around 10 new coins. The team tried to focus on top coins that were certain to be popular among users.

With these many trading opportunities and such diverse functionality, no wonder the BTCNEXT Exchange is actively attracting new users. The platform also provides plenty more benefits, including interest on idle assets. Users can earn a passive income simply by holding assets like BTC and ETH in their accounts.

New volume records! The exchange’s recent successes have attracted a new influx of users and the listing of new coins has helped to significantly increase average daily trading volumes – the actual figure exceeds $60 million. This is a huge achievement for the BTCNEXT Foundation, Hong Kong team. Volumes are expected to increase in the near future and could potentially reach 100 million!

With this in mind, BTCNEXT Foundation, Hong Kong, continues to develop the BTCNEXT Exchange. Global work has already begun on improving the core, to speed up platform operations and offer better stability. New heights are definitely waiting to be conquered in the coming months. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on BTCNEXT’s updates!

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