CryptoXpress Announces New Investor

CryptoXpress (CX), offering one of the first consumer mobile solutions for easy, all-in-one access to crypto, banking and NFT services, today announced several new investors, launchpad, and marketing partnerships. These partners will be contributing various combinations of expertise, investment, investor relations, marketing, and access to their launchpads and communities. This comes as part of the private investment round which will support the company’s public $XPRESS token sale/initial DEX offering (IDO) and the upcoming mobile app launch.

“We are delighted with the response we’ve received from these leading players in the VC investment, DeFi and blockchain communities,” said Yogesh Panjabi, Co-founder, and CEO of CryptoXpress. “The vote of confidence in our company and solution from these new partners is immense, and we look forward to collaborating and their contributions as we get ready to launch our product and the public IDO.”

New Investor and IDO Partners include:

Ferrum Networks

Ferrum is a cross-chain Blockchain-as-a-service DeFi company, providing token utility and advisory services to help get products to market. They will be investing, taking a funding allocation, and providing introductions to their network.

Tokenova/Trustpad Launchpad

Tokenova helps strategize, build, launch, and fund projects. Tokenova has invested, is taking a funding allocation, and will list CX on their launchpad, TrustPad, as an IDO partner.

Maven Capital

Maven Capital funds, supports and advises crypto startups. They have invested, will take a funding allocation, and will provide marketing support and access to their network.

Faculty Group

Faculty Group is a collective of synergistic blockchain-native firms that provide bespoke services. Faculty Group will provide investment, take a private funding allocation, and provide market-making services to CX.


Nodeseeds tokenizes private sales and seed rounds. They will be providing investment, taking a private funding allocation, and provide introductions to their community.

Crypto Fomo

Crypto Fomo is a Youtube crypto influencer with 70 thousand followers. He will be providing private investment and marketing services by highlighting CX to his channels.

Who is CryptoXpress?

CryptoXpress provides a platform for all-in-one crypto and banking services through an easy-to-use mobile app. The company’s solution is geared to existing and new crypto users that want beginner-friendly and holistic access to all-encompassing crypto, NFT and banking services ecosystems. When the platform launches this fall, users will be able to buy, sell, trade crypto and fiat pairs, and also buy, sell, and list NFTs. The company’s future roadmap includes compliant issuance of UK and EU bank accounts, debit cards, and will offer direct debit services to customers.

An existing partnership through the Binance Broker Program will power the platform’s backend trading through Binance’s leading liquidity, market depth, asset management systems, and security infrastructure. A previously announced partnership with Polygon will offer cross-chain NFTs, which will be compatible with ERC20/BSC/MATIC blockchains.

The company was started in 2018 by a group of global blockchain experts and is registered and compliant in Estonia. Plans include a staged product launch to 26 countries globally.

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