Ecommerce the way forward for Wholesalers

In the past wholesalers were traditionally found in warehouses of all shapes and sizes, the customers were small to medium-sized retailers who would break down their bulk-sized purchases to sell on to the consumer.

However, things have changed for the wholesaler and the marketplace is no longer restricted to the local area, with a good online presence eCommerce is the way forward for the wholesaler.

In order for the wholesaler to make eCommerce works for them, they need to follow these basic steps;

  • Good customer interaction
  • Make the website mobile friendly
  • Sell direct to the consumer
  • Keep overheads to the minimum
  • Create a buzz through social media

New businesses will already know that it is a digital world, for older more established businesses moving forward is going to be a matter of taking small steps and testing the water to see what works and what does not work. 

Luckily for these businesses, there are online marketplaces to take the strain of creating a digital presence from scratch, some like McGrocer even offer their services for free with these great features; 

  • Storefront
  • 15 Listing items
  • Buyer – Seller Messaging
  • Shipping Label (Buy it Now)
  • 50/month Respond to Offers
  • 10% on total sales price Referral Fees
  • (excluding payment processing fee)
  • Free Monthly subscription

With an offer like this, there is literally nothing to lose, but there is so much to gain, just imagine the possibilities for your business, it’s a whole new world out there and this is your chance to get out there and grab your share.

Need more information? If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the company website right here!

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