Farewell to genius! RIP Sir Clive Sinclair!

Mention Sir Clive Sinclair and the reaction of most people would be to laugh and go on to talk about the C5 battery-powered tricycle, which was considered a failure then, but when we think of the current rise in electric vehicle use, it would seem that Sir Clive Sinclair was a man well ahead of everyone else.

For me, it was the ZX computers that changed my life, I could see that the world was changing and these computers opened up a world of possibilities. Like the rest of us misfits, square pegs and rebels, Sir Clive Sinclair was one of us and he will be missed greatly.

If you like what you have seen then you might want some further details on it then you are in luck because more information can be found on The Centre for Computing History website just click here to find out more!

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