Fat Boy Slim supports ‘Chip In’ for Martlets

Martlets Ambassador, international DJ and Brighton local, Norman Cook is supporting Martlets as they launch their first ‘Chip in for Martlets’ campaign on National Fish and Chip Day on Friday 4 June 2021. Norman is asking people to celebrate the best chippies of Brighton and Hove and coastal East Sussex, by having their favourite seaside takeaway and to also ‘chip in’ with a donation to Martlets. Fish and Chip shops from Newhaven to Portslade are lending their support with collecting tins and window displays. Martlets also has a ‘Chip in’ page on their website www.martlets.org.uk/fish-and-chip-day for people to donate the price of a takeaway to help the charity raise valuable funds.

Martlets is a charity in the heart of the community, caring for patients and their families helping them do what they love in the time they have left – and that includes having fish and chip takeaways – even on the Martlets inpatient unit in Hove.

As Ward Manager Graham Turner commented: “Across our community Martlets cares for patients with a terminal illness and supports their families in their own homes and also at our specialist inpatient unit in Hove. Despite having to cope with Covid-19, the inpatient unit has a wonderful atmosphere and although we are caring for patients with life-limiting conditions we want to celebrate life and for families to cherish the time they have together in a relaxed environment.

“Before Covid-19 we even hosted weddings at our hospice and encouraged families to bring their beloved pets to visit. We were also able to host family celebrations with relatives enjoying a beer or glass of wine (or two) and to order in takeaways. We’re very happy to now be able to offer our takeaways again – and of course, people here always love a fish and chip supper living by the sea as we do!’

National Fish and Chip Day is an awareness day, now in its sixth year, run by the Neoda (National Edible Oil Distributors Association) that aims to celebrate everyone involved in creating the iconic family favourite – from fish and chip shops to pubs, restaurants, retailers and fishers and farmers. Martlets are encouraging local fish and chip shops to celebrate by signing up to support hospice care – and even asking locals to nominate their favourite fryer to get involved!

Norman Cook a.k.a Fatboy Slim commented: “I have seen first-hand the amazing work that Martlets does, and know that as a frontline healthcare provider they have had to work incredibly hard during this pandemic to care for local people. I would love people to take the opportunity this National Fish and Chip Day to celebrate our local community and everything that goes into making this a special place to live. Enjoy some fish and chips and ‘chip in’ to donate and help the nurses at Martlets keep caring for local residents.”

For further information visit martlets.org.uk

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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