Global Resale Wins 2021 Microsoft Innovation Award

Global Resale, LLC., an industry-leading provider of lifecycle management solutions for technology assets, announced today that it has received the FY21 Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher – Innovation Award.

The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program is tailored to meet the needs of the largest device refurbishers in the world. Microsoft enables them to professionally refurbish Windows devices and preinstall genuine Microsoft software, ensuring a great customer experience. These devices are then sold to businesses, consumers, schools and non-profits.

This accolade is in recognition of Global Resale’s outstanding collaboration and innovative development on their SMART digital licensing software for the broader recommerce channel.

Global Resale developed the Superior Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Tool (SMART), an innovative, comprehensive solution for Microsoft Windows digital license injection and management for the refurbisher community.

SMART creates a frictionless experience for refurbishers to manage and deploy digital Microsoft Windows licenses

SMART Global Database retrieves MAR licenses overwritten by reimaging, to prevent loss of digital licenses

SMART creates seamless & automated management of the licensing injection process, preventing license duplication and enabling reuse of keys – ensuring an efficient process for the refurbisher and a positive customer experience

SMART provides real-time, business-critical data to everyone in the company. From production to finance and purchasing, SMART helps prevent problems before they arise

SMART enhances quality control, through the optional ‘Force Driver check’ feature

Established in 2016, Global Resale is a leading provider of lifecycle management solutions for technology assets. The company turns the complex asset recovery process into convenience for blue-chip partners, maximizing value recovery and minimizing risks while helping achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Global Resale provides refurbished products and services through multiple recommerce channels.

Speaking about Global Resale’s success, Group CEO, Jeff Zeigler commented:

“We are incredibly honoured to receive this Innovation Award from Microsoft and couldn’t be happier with our ongoing partnership,” said Jeff Zeigler, CEO of Global Resale. “As a leading Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, it has been impactful to work with Microsoft to develop and enhance the program. We provide refurbished technology products and services through multiple re-commerce channels to customers all over the world and play a positive role in the reuse of corporate computers, positively impacting the circular economy. Development of ‘SMART’ demonstrates our innovative approach while responding to the complexities of our customer’s digital transformation.”

David Tannenbaum, Sr Director of OEM Channel Sales, Microsoft said:

“First of all, we would like to thank Global Resale for their continued support of our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program and our long-tenured collaboration. This award was presented at the recent Microsoft LINC partner event for their innovation & support of our digital transformation efforts within the refurbisher community.

Specifically, the joint engagement around the development of digital licensing support for the broader refurbisher community. Thank you again to Global Resale and congratulations for earning this prestigious Microsoft MAR Innovation Award.”

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Global Resale, Ltd

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