How Does Nest Renew from Google Work?

Here’s how Nest Renew can help you play a part in the fight against climate change, right from your home:

Nest Renew works with your compatible Nest thermostat to help you automatically prioritize usage of cleaner or less expensive energy. It also lets you see when the electricity coming into your home is cleaner, and when it’s not so clean, so you can make more informed choices. Even taking small actions when the grid is less clean, like turning off extra lights or running the laundry a little later, can add up.

As you use Nest Renew features to support clean energy, you’ll earn Leafs to track your progress. When you earn enough Leafs to achieve a milestone, you can extend your positive impact by helping to direct Nest Renew funds to nonprofit partners around the country.

And you won’t have to worry about changing energy providers or creating any interruptions in your electricity service. Nest Renew Basic will be free for customers with a compatible Nest thermostat and available across the continental U.S., with Premium at $10 a month in select U.S. markets.

With Nest Renew Premium, you’ll get access to additional features like Clean Energy Match, which matches the estimated fossil fuel electricity your home consumes with clean energy from US wind and solar plants, helping to support the growth of clean energy, which is not only good for you but for the whole planet.

The new indoor Nest Cam (wired) from Google is now available.

Nest Cam requires the Google Home app and a Google Account — it’s not compatible with the Nest app or the site.

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Google Nest Renew.

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