Installing the wired Indoor Nest cam

The indoor Nest Cam (wired) can tell you more about what’s going on inside your home. You can place your Nest Cam anywhere you need it — on a flat surface or mounted to a wall. Everything you need to get started is included in the box.

Here’s how to set up your new indoor Nest Cam:

1. Scan the QR code on your Nest Cam to add the device to the Google Home app, then follow the usage guidelines in the app.
2. Plug in your camera where you’d like to use it. The camera will chime and the status light will turn white when it’s connected to power.
3. When the status light turns blue, your Nest Cam is ready to set up!
4. Finish set up by following the instructions in the Google Home app.

Here’s how to mount your Nest Cam on a wall in your home:

1. Remove the base of the camera by placing it flat against your hand and twisting counterclockwise. The base can now be used as a wall plate.
2. Choose a spot 6-6.5 ft (1.8-2 m) high on your wall.
3. Hold the wall plate against the wall, making sure the screw holes are parallel to the ground. Then use a pencil to mark the location for the screws.
4. Drill pilot holes using a 7/64 in (3 mm) drill bit. If anchors are needed, use a 14 in (6.5 mm) drill bit, then gently tap in the anchors with a hammer.
5. Screw the wall plate to the wall using the screws provided.
6. Make sure the arrow on the bottom of the camera is pointing up, then turn the camera so that the power cord is at the top.
7. Place the power cord through the gaps in the wall plate, then rotate the camera 45º left and place the base of the camera in the wall plate. Rotate the camera to the right until you feel it click into place.
8. Adjust your camera to capture the view you’d like to see, sliding the cable within the wall plate as needed to hold the camera at the angle you want.

Nest Cam requires the Google Home app and a Google Account — it’s not compatible with the Nest app or the site.

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Installing Google Nest

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