International Peatland Society Event At COP26

The International Peatland Society (IPS) will hold a networking event on “Peatland Partnerships in Climate Change Mitigation and Nature Recovery” on Friday, 5 November 2021 at 11:30-13:00 hrs UTC+0 at the COP26 Peatland Pavilion in Glasgow, Scotland and virtually.

In addition, the IPS has set up its own COP26 Peatland Portal as part of the virtual Peatland Pavilion that can be accessed online anytime at This contains the most important facts, recent science presentations and policy papers on peat and peatlands on a global scale.


This week up to 30,000 decision-makers, politicians, NGOs, activists, and media meet in Glasgow for the 26th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The IPS as an observer NGO is present at the Peatland Pavilion of the Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). The IPS Vice Presidents, Guus van Berckel and Professor Jack Rieley attend the COP26 as accredited persons on behalf of the IPS; Dr Alue Dohong from Indonesia will open the IPS event on Friday.

In addition, the IPS contributes with its own Peatland Portal website to the virtual pavilion of GPI. We have collected the most important information on peat and peatlands, including the presentations of the International Peatland Congress, the Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management, the Wise Use of Mires and Peatlands and the Peatlands and Climate Change books, as well as data on the extent and use of peatlands, and their role in the economy and society. This information may be found on a special subpage of our website for the duration of COP26.


The programme of the networking event on 5 November contains the following presentations:

Welcome by Dr Alue Dohong, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia

International Peatlands Partnerships, Marko Pomerants, IPS President / Jack Rieley, IPS 2nd Vice President

Introduction to the revised IPS book, ‘Peatlands and Climate Change’ – Maria Strack

Environment Pillar

Peatland Restoration – Case of Canada – Pete Whittington and Line Rochefort

Peatlands Internationally – Case of Peru – Lydia Cole

Conservation of Tropical Peatland from the Air and on the Ground – Darmae Nasir and Mark Harrison

Society Pillar

From Facts to Policies – Peatland Fire Management in Indonesia – Rachel Carmenta

Economy Pillar

Peat – An Important Natural Resource for Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation – Guus van Berckel

Responsible Peat Production – Maureen Kuenen

German Peat Strategy: An Assessment – Bernd Hofer


Natural Capital in the Eco-Management of Tropical Peatlands – Mitsuru Osaki (PDF)

Monitoring Peatlands and Restoration by Remote Sensing – Florian Siegert

New Partnership

MERLIN – Mainstreaming the Ecological Restoration of Freshwater-Related Ecosystems in a Landscape Context: Innovation, Upscaling and Transformation – Sebastian Birk (video)

Q & A and Network Panel Discussion – Chair Jack Rieley / Marko Pomerants

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International Peatland Society

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