Kent based Author Shortlisted for Business Book Awards 2021


The highly anticipated Shortlist for the Business Book Awards 2021 has been announced for top business books published over the past 12 months. Authors, publishers and business figures gathered behind their screens to watch the buzzing online shortlist reveal party to celebrate the incredible breadth, diversity and quality of business book publishing in the UK and across the globe.

The Business Book Awards are now in their 4th year celebrating the quality and variety of business books and offer industry-wide recognition to new and established authors writing on a range of subjects for a diverse readership. In a year that has provided business leaders around the world with an unprecedented combination of both personal and professional challenges, this year’s awards cover 12 different categories ranging from ‘Start-up/Scale-up’ and ‘Business Journey’ through to ‘Business Self-Development’ and ‘Personal Wellbeing’ to reflect the wide range of skills required for business success in the future.

Speaking at the launch of the 2021 awards, founder Lucy McCarraher said: “Many of the challenges that business leaders have come up against in the past 12 months could never have been foreseen at the start of 2020, but business books have provided a source of invaluable advice, inspiration and escapism for millions of people around the world. It has been fascinating to see how authors and publishers have adapted, so we feel it is more important than ever to unearth, recognise and celebrate the very best books of the year. I am proud to announce that this year we received over 275 entries and more than 40% of entries were from female authors.”

The winner of Business Book Awards 2021 Greg Orme, author of The Human Edge, went on to speak about the incredible impact last year’s award has had on him both personally and professionally. He shared his own personal journey about books and how he came to write his own.

James Woodfall, an author based in Kent, has been shortlisted ( for the 2021 Business Book Awards ( for his book Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs.

Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs is one of six books within the Business Book Awards specialist category. Aimed at business owners, the book deals with the challenges of managing business and personal finances. James Woodfall was compelled to write this book because he had experienced that many business owners hold a dream of becoming financially independent, but many fail to achieve it. The aim of the book is to help busy entrepreneurs plan for a secure financial future.

The Business Book Awards ( celebrates the best in business book publishing and carries with it high kudos in the business world.

James Woodfall said, “I was thrilled to be nominated as there were some fantastic books entered, so to make the shortlist is a huge achievement”.

The winners of the 2021 Business Book Awards will be announced Online on Tuesday 25th May, to find out more visit:

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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