Matrix Awakens City Scene An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

In this video, we recap the major feature highlights in Unreal Engine 5, using the City Sample scene. See features like Lumen, Nanite, World Partition, MetaSounds, Temporal Super Resolution, and more in action. Plus, get a glimpse of new built-in animation, modelling, and UV creation tools.

The City Sample is a free downloadable sample project that reveals how the city scene from The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience was built. It consists of a city, complete with buildings, vehicles, and crowds of MetaHuman characters. The project demonstrates how we used new and improved systems in Unreal Engine 5—including World Partition, Nanite, Lumen, Chaos, Rule Processor, Mass AI, Niagara, MetaHumans, MetaSounds, and Temporal Super Resolution—to create the experience.

Would you like some more information? Then you are in luck because we have included a link to the story, it can be found below, just run your mouse over the link to satisfy yourself that you are going to the correct destination and click for more!

City Scene Unreal Engine 5 Experience

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