Pocket Box, the free mobile app for vehicle management, has launched a suite of updates to help drivers save money including a unique partnership with Belfast-based price comparison platform Seopa (parent company to Quotezone and CompareNI). The partnership means that users of the app can now find the best insurance deals from hundreds of UK-based insurance providers for their car, van, or motorcycle all within the Pocket Box app.

Launched earlier this year the Pocket Box mobile app offers the ultimate in convenience for vehicle owners. The free app securely stores and organises all of the paperwork associated with your car and also gives helpful reminders of key dates such as MOT and Tax expiry. Pocket Box is simple to use. Documents can either be uploaded digitally or scanned in with the camera on your mobile phone. Once uploaded, all data is fully encrypted and stored with security protocols on par with online banking systems. Pocket Box works for any vehicle and can also help to stay on top of key dates. As well as MOT and tax renewal, it also includes insurance, warranty, and service reminders.

The convenience that Pocket Box offers vehicle owners is now enhanced by the partnership with Seopa. Users are now able to find the best insurance renewal prices from a vast range of over 200 UK-based insurance providers. The insurance search functionality is all based within the app avoiding the need to input masses of data each time an insurance quote is required.

In addition to the insurance functionality Pocket Box now also includes a number of new features designed to make owning and managing a vehicle simpler including vehicle history checks via VDI, and vehicle valuations.

Founder of Pocket Box Jim Finnegan comments “We are delighted to have partnered with Seopa as we continually expand the functionality and features of our app. Seopa is a proven leader in the field of insurance comparison and this integration allows Pocket Box users an incredibly simple way to save money on their vehicle insurance.”

CEO and Founder of Seopa Greg Wilson comments “People have increasingly busy lives and there is a lot of paperwork involved in owning a car. Pocket Box is a rapidly growing app which is providing helpful information and handy reminders to vehicle owners which could help drivers save money on their insurance by reminding them to shop around for better deals when it comes close to renewal time. Our partnership allows us to continue to champion the best value and transparency for customers through this innovative solution.”

The innovative functionality of Pocket Box has led to the company being announced as a finalist in two categories for the prestigious Digital DNA awards. Pocket Box has been nominated in both the App of the year and Start-up Company of the year.

If you are looking for further details on this? Then you are in luck because more information can be found on the We Are Nameless website right here!

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