New MyŠkoda app combining several new functions in one application for enhanced customer experience


The refreshed MyŠkoda app now serves as a unified platform for owners of all current compatible Škoda models. It offers seamless vehicle access and introduces a wide range of new and further improved features, including smart services like Pay to Park and Pay to Fuel as well as Track & Explore and a loyalty program for users, initially rolled out in selected markets. Moreover, the integration of Powerpass into the app streamlines the charging process for electric Škoda vehicles, consolidating these services into one convenient, intuitively designed app.

Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing, says: “At Škoda Auto, we put our customers first and strive to make their journey as seamless as possible. Listening to our customers’ feedback is therefore essential to enhance their user experience inside and outside the car through innovative new features. We are thus enhancing the functionality of the MyŠkoda app, migrating all features to one platform. With the integration of Powerpass, EV and Plug-in hybrid customers have direct access with our new app to more than 660,000 charging points across Europe. And with smart services like Pay to Park and Pay to Fuel, we are further facilitating everyday life of many more customers.”

New features, easier to use and compatible with all current models

With the updated MyŠkoda app, customers benefit from several new features bundled in one application as well as from a more intuitive design. Customers of all-electric, plug-in hybrid and conventional power train models receive access to new features that make their everyday life easier, for example through smart services like Pay to Park and Pay to Fuel. Introducing a completely new look, the updated app features a brand-new home screen, revised graphics and an informative widget, which makes the app even easier to use.

All current and upcoming models support the newest update, including those with combustion engines and plug-in hybrid powertrains manufactured after July 2020. Users who previously used the MyŠkoda Essentials app can now make transition to the new MyŠkoda app, keeping their existing Škoda account. Meanwhile, owners of Škoda models produced until July 2020 will continue to use the MyŠkoda Essentials app for the time being.

A wide range of new features

The updated MyŠkoda app integrates numerous digital services from Škoda Connect and now covers additional parts along the customer journey. Users anticipating delivery of their Škoda car will appreciate the new Track & Explore function, which offers real-time information on the vehicle’s production status. Additionally, they can review their vehicle’s configuration at any time. For those eager to explore their new vehicle’s functionalities, the app provides access to how-to videos in the UK, Ireland, France and Spain.

The improved MyŠkoda app now also includes new smart services for customers, who already received their car. With Pay to Park, the app simplifies the process of recognising of parking zones and paying for parking in various cities across Europe. Pay to Fuel is another new smart feature that enables automatic payments at selected fuelling stations, skipping the queue at the cashier.

Integration of Powerpass: More than 660,000 charging points in one app

For drivers of the Enyaq and PHEV models, the refreshed MyŠkoda app provides additional new features. Most important, Powerpass charging is now integrated directly in the MyŠkoda app – making the old app obsolete. The new feature is granting access to more than 660,000 charging points across Europe thanks to partnerships with more than 870 providers. It also simplifies the management of home charging solutions, such as the Škoda iV Chargers. On top of that, the app offers the possibility to manage charging plans, use the Plug & Charge function, and view the charging history. Current Powerpass users can download or update the MyŠkoda app, navigate to the Powerpass section and confirm their Škoda ID connection for a fully automatic data transfer. Checking the Škoda Enyaq’s charging status from home or activating the Climate Control before setting off are just two further examples of the extended functionality of the MyŠkoda app.

A more intuitive design and additional entertainment options

The app’s new design further improves the user experience providing a design comparable to a simplified home screen. Additionally, essential information – like the charging or vehicle status – can now be displayed through widgets on the home screen, enhancing accessibility. The new MyŠkoda app also adds convenience for guest users, allowing, for example, the remote control of charging and air conditioning for their partner’s Enyaq.

In addition, the new MyŠkoda app offers a dynamic news feed featuring visuals and articles from the world of Škoda. Moreover, a loyalty programme has been introduced in the UK, Ireland, France, and Spain, allowing users to earn points by completing various challenges. These points can be redeemed for Škoda merchandise.

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