Scottish Butcher Launches Space Haggis Competition

To mark 1 year since Simon Howie, the Scottish Butcher, achieved a world first by sending a haggis to the edge of space. Watch the video. They have created a special space lesson aimed at primary school children that they have sent to every school in Scotland. Watch the lesson. The video, made in conjunction with the expert team behind the Space Haggis mission, educates the children on what it takes to send something to space and sets them practical assignments to engrain their learning in class. One of the tasks set in the video is to design a mission badge to commemorate last year’s haggis space mission and Simon Howie is offering up £500 for the winning artist’s school plus a bunch of other goodies for the child themselves. Simon Howie has been inundated with hundreds of entries from children all over Scotland and with the deadline for entries 5 pm on Friday 21st January they are expecting even more.

Would you like some more information? Then you are in luck because we have included a link to the story, it can be found below, just run your mouse over the link to satisfy yourself that you are going to the right destination and click for more!

Simon Howie Foods

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