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soccialy is excited to announce the re-launch of its new website to help schools and education institutions thrive in a post-pandemic world. soccialy is a purely digital consultancy for the education sector designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of modern-day schools across the globe. Building on over 100-years of in-house recruitment and education expertise, soccialy specialises in social media, marketing, communications and digital advertising. Helping educators across the private and public sectors find qualified candidates for their hard-to-fill roles and drive pupil enrollment levels without wasting budget. The official launch date of the revamped soccialy website is Wednesday 22 September 2021.

soccialy took everything it hates about traditional education recruitment practices and turned them on its head. Say goodbye to outdated job boards, costly recruitment consultancies, poorly designed candidate attraction strategies and admissions campaigns that fail to reach the right demographic. Say HELLO to national and international social media recruitment and admissions campaigns, bespoke packages of support and no hidden fees where results are guaranteed. Using the latest technology brings efficiency and flexibility to its clients and means soccialy can help educators across the globe maximise their return on recruitment and admissions marketing investment.

Designed for the world we live in today and not yesterday, soccialy is filling a gap in the education market with hands-on support to attract talent to the sector and support independent schools with admissions. The soccialy team understands the nuances and sector-specific challenges the public and private sectors face in education, which is reflected in its new service offering.

Combining its education, recruitment and digital marketing expertise, soccialy goes beyond social media outreach to attract potential candidates, parents and legal guardians. Working with its clients, soccialy closes the digital marketing loop to deliver delightful recruitment and admissions journeys, helping boost job applications and admissions enquiries. Creating a landing page that converts is the goal of any digital marketing campaign; working in collaboration with its clients, soccialy will make sure the design and content of a landing page is fully optimised to ensure campaign success. soccialy is also extending its service offering to include social media management, taking the hassle of social media engagement and outreach out of schools’ hands.

Gareth Thyer-Jones, Founder and CEO of soccialy, said: “soccialy embodies a recruitment and admissions concept that the education sector has needed for a while now. I have worked with thousands of schools over the years, helping recruit talent to their organisations, and I understand the costs involved in sourcing and hiring the right team. I created our parent company – Talented Teacher Jobs, in 2015 to target and attract digitally engaged job seekers in the UK and internationally to the education sector. With a passion for helping schools attract the most talented candidates to their hard to fill roles – soccialy was born.

“The pandemic has seen schools across the globe, in the private and public sectors, face challenges in education delivery and admissions, with many schools having their budgets slashed as they adapt to the new normal. As we come out the other side of what has been a challenging 18-months for us all, the time is right for soccialy to extend its service offering to its clients, so we can help take the pressure off what has been a testing time. I know from first-hand experience the silos and blockages that many education institutions face with regards to recruitment and admissions processes. COVID-19 has turned the fortunes of many independent schools upside down. The pressure to find digitally savvy, forward-thinking staff to help our children thrive after a sporadic, in-person classroom experience is also a task that many schools may find challenging when there is budget pressure.

“I am delighted that we can help our clients save precious budget via a forward-thinking service that does not waste money on ‘pray and spray’ campaigns that come as standard with traditional job boards. We help our clients reach their target demographic and increase the number of parents and legal guardians attending their admissions events, and we also finetune their recruitment spend. Leveraging the most popular social media channels, our technology stack identifies and targets relevant parents, guardians and education talent on the channels and websites they use every day. Dovetailing on-point targeting with the transformational power of messaging, we work with schools to create powerful paid-for social media campaigns in line with their marketing strategy. Our new service offering now includes social media management, helping schools communicate with current parents and legal guardians, and landing page optimisation. When a potential new member of staff, parent or legal guardian arrives at their website, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to find the information they require and apply. In short, a delightful digital experience is key to campaign success.

“We are growing internationally too, with teams in place ready to work with schools of all shapes and sizes across North America, mainland Europe and the Middle East. It is great to start the beginning of the 2021/22 academic year with renewed vigor and an improved service offering so we can help education leaders rise to challenges faced in a post-pandemic world.”

Need more information? Then you are in luck because a link to the story can be found here.


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