SortMyCash Rises from Ashes to Disrupt Financial Markets comes at a time when many people are looking to save money and make a comeback from the ravages of COVID-19. From humble beginnings, Damian Hateley was motivated to start SortMyCash, a project born from the ashes of a flights business decimated as a result of the pandemic and overlooked by the government.

Set to launch on Thursday, 24th June 2021, SortMyCash is a platform that will provide users with personal and tailored financial services, helping individuals save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds every year. With the backing of hand-picked partners such as GoCompare, Uswitch, Mortgage Advice Bureau, and more, SortMyCash is expected to successfully provide customers with the peace of mind knowing they are in safe hands.

Saving services include but are not limited to (typical savings):

• Utilities – Energy (£216), Broadband, TV, Mobile Phones

• Insurance – Car (£240), Life, Home (£100+), Van (£250+), Motorbike

• Mortgage and Remortgage (£4,500 compared to Standard Variable Rate), Equity Release Remortgage (£30,000), Debt Consolidation (£6,000 per year)

In addition, users will also have the ability to add renewal dates allowing SortMyCash to send reminders both 14-days and 1-day prior to the bill’s renewal. This will help to keep users informed and their finances streamlined and organised all in one place.

What makes SortMyCash different:

SortMyCash is expected to disrupt the financial market by offering an alternative to faceless finance. Not only will they help their clients save a considerable amount of money, but they also pride themselves on offering a personal touch. Users who sign up will be provided with a free and friendly dedicated account manager to help tailor services accordingly. No more faceless call-centres and being passed from pillar to post. SortMyCash recognises the importance of their user’s time and will strive to provide innovative ideas allowing clients to save money all while being time-sensitive.

How to sign up:

Users can join SortMyCash completely free of charge from Thursday 24th June 2021 and will have the ability to organise renewal dates right away by visiting their website.

Do you need more details on this? Then you are in luck because more information can be found on the company website right here!

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