Boston Dynamics Training Atlas

The rise of the machines is a slow and laborious task, unlike in science fiction Boston Dynamics is having to carefully develop the way that the Atlas robot interacts with its surroundings. The good news is that we have nothing to worry about, the bad news is that robots do not forget! Find out more here; #BostonDynamics #RobotTraining #Atlas #Robot #RiseOfTheMachines

Christmas Is For Robots Too

If there was any reason to think that robots can have a human side, this has to be it. Over at Boston Dynamics, we can see Spot the robot having a great time putting up the decorations at the lab for the festive season. We just cannot wait to see what will be happening when it’s Easter! Find out more here; #Spot #Robot #BostonDynamics #Robotics #Festive #Christmas #SpotTheRobot #ChristmasTree #ChristmasDecorations