The UK’s Leading Social Selling Company Opens London Office

A Plymouth based social selling training and consulting company has set its sights on new horizons after acquiring a London based office.

As the top social selling training company in the UK, Maverrik, has already helped over 150,000 businesses through their training programmes from their base in the quiet city of Plymouth. However, after a period of growth the team have decided that now is the time to expand and open a London office.

Founded by Dean Seddon in 2017, Maverrik has a big vision – to help one million businesses grow. This mission statement was the driver behind their plan to open their new location to grow their business and service more clients within the capital.

“We’re excited to be expanding the Maverrik family. In addition to allowing us to reach more clients, this new location will provide a hub for our plan to gain recognition for our training and consultancy services in the UK and Europe”, says Maverrik Founder and CEO Dean Seddon.

“Our new branch will establish our position in London and allow us to support and grow our client base in the financial services and tech sector.”

As part of Maverrik’s expansion into London, they have acquired Discovery Partners, a sales consultancy to enterprise level technology companies and the financial sector. Discovery Partners was founded in 2018 by Simon Miles, a veteran sales leader and former financial markets commentator for television channels – Bloomberg, CNBC and the BBC. Simon will take the role as Managing Director of the London based business.

When asked about the expansion he said, “It is a great opportunity for Maverrik. This new office will allow us to break into the London business scene and reach a larger range of clients.

“Opening an additional office in London not only enables Maverrik to grow, it can help us provide a better service for our existing clients too. The city is a great place to hold meetings and attend events, making building those all important relationships even easier”.

Need more information? If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the Maverrik website right here!

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