Tillo launches Elovo gifting platform


Tillo, the rewards, incentives and gift card platform, which powers thousands of the world’s most popular retailers and hundreds of partners across the globe, announced the launch of Elovo, a digital and physical gifting platform. Elovo is also available to existing Tillo customers within the core Tillo platform.

From well known high street names to artisan brands, Elovo boasts a range of gifts such as coffee, flowers and wine with options to suit all budgets and tastes. From one recipient to thousands, these gifts can be delivered at scale directly to people’s homes, anywhere in the UK and sign up is free. Crucially the sender does not need to know the postal address of the person they want to send the gift to, it is up to the recipient to provide this information when they receive the instructions to claim their gift via email.

According to a recent YouGov survey, a total of 70% of 1,684 people polled predicted that workers would ‘never return to offices at the same rate,’ with the majority of workers saying that they would prefer to work from home either full-time or at least some of the time. Therefore the traditional ways for employers to reward, incentivise and celebrate key milestones, are not always possible. Elovo gives employers an easy way to show gratitude to their employees, no matter where they are.

Alex Preece, Elovo CEO, comments: “We are delighted to be launching Elovo into the market. As employees continue to work from home and many employers adapt to a hybrid working model, the traditional ways for employers to say well done, thank you or even farewell are no longer possible. We’re confident that Elovo offers the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes to reward, recognise and incentivise their staff wherever they are in the UK.”

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