Bring that Friday feeling to your feet and celebrate ‘National Flip-Flop Day’ on the 18th of June in a pair of FitFlop iQushion’s.

Engineered by FitFlop’s in-house biomechanist, the iQushion is no ordinary flip-flop. Made of superlight high-rebound rubber, the technology features a built-in arch contour and an anatomically shaped footbed, with heel and ball-of-foot impact pillows that hug your feet for all-day comfort – to guarantee happy feet 24/7.

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“The iQushion flip-flop is a great achievement. We took the classic style – something ubiquitously worn – and engineered the world’s most comfortable flip-flop. Traditionally the design is too flat and your toes have to work too hard, making flip-flops terrible for your feet and body alignment. It was a really big challenge to keep the slimline silhouette, but create a slip-on sandal with really good arch contouring and heel cushioning. Once you try a pair on you’ll never go back.” Dr Kim Lilley, FitFlop Biomechanist

@TechmashUK @Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #TechmashUK #NationalFlipFlopDay #FlipFlops #Celebration #ThankFlipFlopItsFriday #Friday #FitFlop #iQushionFlipFlop

So make sure the iQushion flip-flop is your summer foot companion – lightweight, waterproof and slip-resistant – you’ll find yourself wearing them to the beach, bar and beyond.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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@TechmashUK @Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #TechmashUK #NationalFlipFlopDay #FlipFlops #Celebration #ThankFlipFlopItsFriday #Friday #FitFlop #iQushionFlipFlop

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