UK Car History Check Resource Launched by Public Record Search


This new online resource details how to run a UK Car History Check, outlining the various important categories to focus on and why it’s a best practice procedure to obtain this information before purchasing any used car in the UK. The resource is free. This online resource also breaks down the nuances of a car history check into four categories: England Car History, Scotland Vehicle History, Wales Car History, Northern Ireland Vehicle History. An executive at said, “The value of running a car history check before buying a used car is invaluable.”

The following is information that can be obtained in a car history check:

• The make and model of the car
• The transmission and number of gears
• The fuel type
• Engine capacity and number
• Year of manufacture
• Date first registered
• Any outstanding finance
• Number of previous owners
• Recorded mileage
• If it has been reported stolen

These are key components that are important to look at when purchasing a used car in the UK and now has an online vehicle record resource that can be accessed by anyone with a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

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