Urban Control’s smart street lighting solution!

Urban Control, a leading provider of smart city solutions, has embedded 1NCE cellular connectivity in its new Urban Node 324 range of streetlight controllers. 1NCE is a global IoT carrier specialising in connectivity for low bandwidth IoT applications such as asset tracking, smart street lighting, smart city sensors, smart metering, and waste management. For cities, local authorities and enterprises deploying IoT solutions, 1NCE cellular connectivity means simpler deployment, effective coverage, and predictable long-term costs.

Unlike traditional lighting control systems that require a specialised network to be built, the Urban Node 324 simply works straight out of the box, just like a mobile phone. This makes it cost-effective for small and scattered lighting estates to get the benefits of intelligent central control for the first time. Examples include outdoor lighting in retail parks, hotel chains, office branches and on campus.

1NCE’s unique offering, connecting IoT devices globally via cellular networks for a one-off price per device over a period of 10 years, is the perfect match for the Urban Node 324. Not just in terms of calculability and scalability, but especially in terms of simplicity getting it up and running in no time.

“Our customers demand smart city solutions that are simple to deploy and provide dependable long-term service. Cellular IoT delivers this, and the 1NCE solution adds predictable low-cost operation and specialist expertise in IoT connectivity,” said Terry Dean, CEO Urban Control. “We’re delighted to be working with 1NCE as part of our drive to deliver the many benefits of industry standards to our smart city customers.”

“Urban Control’s Use Case is the perfect example for cellular connectivity in Smart City environments”, commented Luigi Capobianco, Vice President Sales Southern & Western Europe of 1NCE. “Licensed cellular radio is already broadly available and perfectly suited for the mass deployment of smart streetlights and smart city sensors.”

“Standards remove complexity in the adoption of smart city devices, and our work with uCIFI, LwM2M, TALQ and D4i is testament to that,” said Miguel Lira, Director Innovation & Development at Urban Control. “NB-IoT and LTE-M are the emerging mainstream standards for IoT connectivity, and we selected 1NCE because of their innovative 10-year flat rate and deep understanding of the needs of IoT customers.”

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