With Google Looks Can Say A Lot

There are many things that the smartphone can do, gaming, videos, search and so on, but it is easy to forget the benefits that a smartphone can offer those with disabilities, such as the Look To Speak app from Google. This free app offers those with speaking and hearing difficulties to communicate with others who may not have the specific skills to know what someone is trying to say. The benefits of this app are endless and can help someone communicate quickly and effectively, this is especially useful in situations that require urgent attention.

Millions of people worldwide have speech and motor impairments that can make speaking and communicating difficult. But a look can say a lot. Look to Speak, a free Android app, was built to help people like Antoinette use their eyes to select pre-written phrases and have them spoken aloud on a mobile device. Now, a variety of people with temporary, permanent, or situational disabilities may use a look to say a lot too.

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Look to Speak App

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