Admincontrol and BoardClic Enter Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Customer Focus

Admincontrol—the premier board portal and due diligence platform—and BoardClic—the market leader in intelligent digital board and C-suite evaluation—are partnering to better serve the rapidly growing number of companies and organizations that are transforming their top-level decision-making with digital tools.

By utilizing their combined resources, which includes two best-in-class SaaS platforms and decades’ worth of boardroom experience, both companies anticipate strongly increased value for new as well as existing customers.

“We are very pleased to enter a partnership with BoardClic, which is a fast-growing company adding great value to our product offering. BoardClic’s market-leading board evaluation platform provides an additional layer of valuable insights. This complements Admincontrol’s strong product portfolio, ensuring the ultimate solution for decision-makers and the role they play in organisations,” says Møyfrid Øygard, Managing Director of Admincontrol.

BoardClic is a technology company with a market-leading platform that provides unrivalled benchmarking and qualitative insights on performance and transparency to align top leadership functions. Founder and CEO of the BoardClic, is also seeing the benefits of joining forces with Admincontrol.

“Over the past couple of years, we have seen a tremendous increase in interest in data-driven decision-making and use of digital tools. The boardroom is no exception. This partnership will not only give more boards a fantastic opportunity to stay compliant but also to make smarter decisions based on data,” says Monica Lagercrantz.

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