Brixly Proud Winners of Another Prestigious Award

Brixly announced today they had become the proud winners of the award for ‘Best Independent Web Hosting Platform 2021′ for their incredible services to innovative web hosting for enterprise. Tailored specifically to the reseller market, including design and digital agencies, development agencies, and hosting startups, Brixly provides one of the fastest-growing reseller hosting solutions available on the market today.

Brixly is a web hosting platform that has been consciously built from the ground up to provide high performance in the enterprise market. In addition, the business now manages the hosting infrastructure, hardware, and support for over a quarter of a million sites, with clients in over 135 countries worldwide. “Brixly continues to answer the demand for reliable and affordable enterprise and reseller web hosting solutions in these changing digital times,” said Dennis Nind, Founder and Owner of Brixly.

“Digital times are changing in the enterprise world, and the demand for high quality, flexible and affordable web hosting solutions has had to change with it, which is how Brixly was born.” Dennis believed in his initial concept of a reseller-focused hosting platform that provided stability, performance, and tools to assist with business growth. From this, Brixly has achieved a further accolade, ‘Best Independent Web Hosting Platform 2021’, which is another fantastic achievement for the independently owned brand!

As a result of the recent pandemic, the Brixly team has been challenged with a marked increase in demand from clients onboarding with Brixly, seeking out the best solutions for their business with such fierce competition. As a result, Brixly continues to provide the most reliable web hosting service for the reseller market available today and is proud to have achieved such an incredible accolade as ‘Best Independent Web Hosting Platform 2021.’

Headquartered in Nuneaton, UK, Brixly is a hosting brand independently owned and provides one of the UK’s fastest-growing web hosting platforms designed for the reseller market and enterprise.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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