New TV helping to combat loneliness in the elderly

Launching this month, a company based in the North East have developed a leading-edge messaging and video chat service for the elderly. The new system is called Chatta TV, developed by an innovative North East-based software company Care Messenger Holdings Limited founded by ex-music teacher Paul Slaughter. Chatta TV has an exclusive partnership with global electronics giant LG. The package available for families includes a state-of-the-art Ultra High Definition 4K TV with the Chatta software conveniently built-in.

The system allows families to download the Chatta TV app from Apple or Google stores free of charge and send text, photo, and video messages to their loved ones which pop up over their TV so they can’t miss the messages. A timestamp is returned to the app, so families know the messages have been seen and read with a simple response. The system even has an ‘assist’ button on the TV remote which can be customised for individual needs. The technology allows video calls to be made from a mobile app direct to TV without the need for any other hardware and without having to change channels or inputs. Specially designed for the elderly who often struggle with technology, it is so easy to use and ideal for families to stay in touch with their loved ones from anywhere in the world.

With leading organisations and the government recognising the loneliness crises amongst the elderly, Chatta TV bridges the digital divide and connects generations. Busy families can stay in touch easily with the convenience of the most familiar technology of the TV.

Chatta Director David Bennison “We are delighted with this new system – I was able to see first-hand how our customers react – one lady was so impressed by the life-like quality and ease with which she could chat with her son on her gleaming new TV, she was moved to tears! She’d never been able to do this before because she is not comfortable using a tablet or a smartphone”.

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Chatta TV from Care Messenger Holdings Limited

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