Film-maker shares “Angelic Experience” He Had With UFO




The new film by award winning film-maker Mark Christopher Lee is now streaming on Tubi. The film explores the paranormal nature to UFO encounters and investigates the links between them.

Lee shares his own “Alien” experience he had as a child which he’s sure was Angelic in nature. He adds:

“When I was young I had a weird experience of a blue shining light and face appearing on my bedroom wall, it was like a portal had opened from another dimension or world. It was breaking the “Angel” for want of a better word gave me a message that everything was going to be ok. Well, from the next day onwards my world turned upside down and my abusive childhood started but this divine or alien message gave me the courage to get through.”

“At the time I was sure it was an Angel but now after investigating UFOs and Alien Experiences that people have had I think it may have been an alien encounter, or that Angels and Aliens are the same type of being or energy.”

The film also explores the mysteries of Quantum Physics and how maybe quantum entanglement may hold the key to explaining both paranormal and UFO experiences. The film features Evelyn Hollow from TV’s Uncanny and also Yvette Fielding from Most Haunted.

Ian Broadmore a world renowned Demonologist also looks at the links between Aliens and Demons and he states, along with Nick Pope who used to front the UK’s UFO desk for the Military, that many in both the US and UK governments believe that UFOs are demonic in nature. Pope states:

“Luis Elizondo the whistleblower who used to work for the US government on UFOS was told by a prominent Pentagon official to leave UFOS and alone and to go away and read his bible. This is the attitude that is still prevalent and which why we are not getting full UFO disclosure.”

The film is out now on Tubi and coming to Amazon Prime soon.

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