iGulu F1 fully automated countertop home brewer


iGulu, the innovative leader in home brewing technology, today proudly announces the launch of the iGulu F1, an innovative all-in-one smart brewing machine revolutionizing the home brewing experience. With its seamless integration of fermentation, cooling, and dispensing functions, the iGulu F1 sets a new standard for convenience and excellence in home brewing.

The iGulu F1 is available in Black, Creamy White and Mint Green from the iGulu website for $749/£555.

The iGulu F1 streamlines the brewing process with its automated brewing technology, allowing users to effortlessly craft high-quality craft beers in the comfort of their homes. By supporting a wide range of ingredients and flavors, enthusiasts can unleash their creativity and brew personalized beer recipes with ease. iGulu beer brewing ingredient kits currently include Pale Ale, Bavarian Wheat, Amber Lager with a Stout option coming soon.

The iGulu F1 offers three main functions:

Fermentation: Supports beer, cider, wine, kombucha, and more.
Refrigeration Preservation: Rapid cooling technology preserves freshness for up to 2 weeks.
Dispensing: Dual pneumatic gas engine and specific tap handler for convenient beer dispensing.
Equipped with a smart interactive touchscreen and intelligent mobile app, the advanced, all-in-one iGulu F1’s system offers intuitive control and monitoring capabilities. Its advanced sensors continuously monitor the brewing process and fermentation temperature within the range of 35˚- 86˚F (2˚ – 30˚C), maintaining a consistent brewing pressure, ensuring precise adjustments for optimal quality and consistency.

The iGulu F1 employs advanced sensors to continually monitor the brewing process, enabling precise adjustments to ensure the production of high-quality beverages, including a wide range of craft beers and non-alcoholic drinks like kombucha. With a dual pneumatic engine, specific tap handler and disposable tube design, the beer dispensing is convenient and smooth

Utilizing advanced PiD technology, the iGulu F1 controls fermentation temperature and effectively suppresses fusel alcohols for optimal brewing quality. Its automatic pressure management system ensures safety by regulating fermentation pressure, with built-in safety features for rapid pressure relief. Should the fermentation pressure inside the tank exceed the set value, the Automatic Pressure Management System will initiate, and thereby adjust to a constant safe fermentation pressure for the duration of the brewing process.

The iGulu F1 also extends beer freshness up to 30 days with a CO2 gas cylinder tank, enhancing carbonation and mouthfeel while minimizing waste and carbon footprint.

Key features of the iGulu F1 include:

Automated Brewing: Simplified smart brewing processes with precise temperature and pressure control for creating professional-quality craft beers.
Customized Recipes: Support for a wide range of ingredients to craft personalized beer recipes. Also compatible with multiple brands.
Smart Control: Intuitive touchscreen interface and mobile app for easy operation. RFID technology, flash brewing with a single touch
High-Quality Ingredients: Carefully selected natural beer ingredients from around the world.

Instant Drinking Demand: Compatibility with most 3L-5L beer kegs, including Heineken.
Eco-Friendly: Tritan material fermentation tank, BPA-free, and eco-conscious design.
Easy Maintenance: Simple cleaning and detachable design for hassle-free maintenance.

“At iGulu, we’re passionate about brewing and technological innovation,” commented David Zhang, CEO of iGulu. “The iGulu F1 is a celebration of creativity, authenticity, and the joy of crafting beverages that reflect individual tastes. With the iGulu F1, we aim to empower consumers to create a wide range of personalized beverages with ease and convenience.”

The iGulu F1 is available in Black, Creamy White and Mint Green from the iGulu website for $699/£555.

Find out more about the iGulu F1 fully automated countertop home brewer here; https://igulu.com/

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