Flare Audio earHD 360 Experience Better Sound!

Music lovers, gamers and audio professionals can now increase the sound quality they hear thanks to a new innovation by Flare Audio Ltd.

earHD 360® is a device that sits comfortably in the listener’s ear, acting as a non-intrusive upgrade for all music experiences. Wearing these tiny gadgets enhances the sound we hear when listening to music on the hi-fi, worn under headphones, in the studio or at a concert.

Made from a lightweight, polished ABS (high-grade plastic), this simple yet clever wizardry works by channelling sound directly into our ears and reducing the ‘fuzziness’ caused by resonance and distortions. The result for the earHD 360 wearers is that mid and high-frequency sounds are more refined, have greater detail and lose their harsh, distorted peaks. Put simply, music sounds better.


• Fits comfortably and discreetly inside the ear and easy to remove

• Moulded in ABS for a high gloss finish

• Available in ‘one size fits most’ size

• Patent pending technology | 2004011.9

• Independently tested by ISVR (Institute of Sound and Vibration Research)

What’s included

• One pair of earHD 360 Music Edition

• Flare® carry pouch

• Instruction manual

• Supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging

The earHD 360 earbuds can be purchased for just £29.99 from the Flare Audio website here.

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