Goddard Gallery Launches its New Coffee Brand

The Goddard Gallery, a world-leading boutique wall art photography brand, is expanding its offering with the launch of the Goddard Coffees Label that includes a speciality roast produced in Scotland and California.

The US and UK coffee labels complement its range of Goddard coffee table books, magazines, and photographic wall art images. The Goddard Coffees US label has coffee beans from key coffee-producing countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia, Bali and Brazil which are then expertly roasted in California. The selection of coffees is created with hotels, cruise ships, coffee shops and restaurants in mind to help managers to curate the very best coffee experience for guests.

The Goddard Gallery is a world-leading boutique wall art photography brand that is dedicated to delivering high-quality photographic prints to private buyers, interior designers, corporate art curators, quality hotels and restaurants.

The launch of Goddard Coffees is a hugely exciting time for the Goddard brand which aims to become a key supplier of fine coffees to hotels, cruise ships, coffee shops and restaurants. The Goddard Coffees US label is complimented by a Peru Speciality Label for the UK market with coffee beans roasted in Scotland.

Steve Goddard comments, “We are delighted to launch Goddard Coffees which is the exclusive coffee label for Goddard Gallery. We are excited to have our own special Peru signature label created for the United Kingdom market with its beans expertly roasted in Scotland. Meanwhile, our other coffee beans are from key coffee-producing countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Columbia, Bali and Brazil have all been perfectly roasted in California ready for online ordering and onward shipping to hotels, restaurants, and coffee lovers worldwide.”

To complement the launch of Goddard Coffees, the Goddard Gallery has recently launched “The Collection” a series of volumes of new photographic coffee table books for coffee table art buyers. The Goddard brand now has over 60 photo books and magazines that have been created for family homes, offices, and also hotel rooms and public areas and they feature stunning travel images from across the world captured in both black and white and colour.

Steve Goddard adds, “Goddard Gallery coffee table books and magazines are an ideal visual delight to hotel guests and visitors, making a wonderful addition to hotel receptions, public areas, guest rooms and suites. The Goddard Gallery photographs are a perfect complement for creating guests’ memories and experiences when staying in a hotel or resort.”

Need more information? If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the Goddard website right here!

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