Google’s Pixel Team goes Ghost Hunting

For Halloween, we sent two Team Pixel photographers with Pixel 6 to a ghost town to see what kind of things Night Sight would pick up. Let’s just say, it picked up more than we expected.

Take photos in low light
Open your Google Camera app Google Camera.
Tap Night Sight and then Capture Night Sight.
Hold still for a few seconds while your phone captures the photo.
Tip (Pixel 4a (5G) and later only): When your camera is in default or portrait mode and you take a photo in low-light conditions, Night Sight turns on automatically. To take your photo with Night Sight, tap Capture Night Sight. To turn off Night Sight, tap Auto Night Sight. If you have your flash on, Auto Night Sight won’t work.

Take photos of the night sky
For Pixel 3 and later, you can take photos of the night sky. To do so, travel away from city lights. For photos of the stars, take photos at least 45–90 minutes after sunset.

Important: On Pixel 4a (5G) and later, Astrophotography only works on zoom settings equal to or greater than 1x.

To take a photo:

Go to a dark area.
Open your Google Camera app Google Camera. Learn how.
Tap Night Sight.
Prop your phone on a steady surface, like a rock or tripod. Don’t use your hands.
Wait a few seconds. When your phone is still and ready, it shows a message that says ‘Astrophotography on’.
Tap Capture Night Sight.
Do not touch your phone until it’s finished taking the photo. Your phone will show a countdown timer.
(Optional) To stop taking a photo, tap Stop Stop.

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