How to conquer the video interview – 18 expert tips from Zoom, CV-Library & more

With the rise of remote work driving a huge increase in the amount of employers carrying out video interviews, job-seekers are almost certain to face a video interview in the pursuit of their next dream job.

And whilst video interviews may be convenient, they come with a huge range of challenges, from frozen screens and distracting background noises to awkward silences and children walking into the screen mid-interview.

So, the careers team at JDL have rounded up the best tips from leading UK entrepreneurs, recruitment bosses, video conferencing providers and fully remote businesses, to arm job seekers with the tools they need to ace their next video interview.

Lee Biggins – CV-Library | Founder & CEO

1. Dress for success

Just because it’s a virtual meeting, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress up. Make sure you’re wearing a smart and professional outfit and get this ready the night before. Not only will this impress the interviewer, but it may also give you the extra boost in confidence you need to secure that role.

2. Confirm the (virtual) address

Verify the call links and ask for support from the interviewer if there are any technical glitches. If not, it could really harm your chances with a recruiter as it will give the impression you lack attention to detail and have turned up ill-prepared.

Phil Haynes – Zoom | Head of global talent acquisition

3. Stay engaged with the interviewer

We notice when you keep looking at your phone, writing, or talking to people offscreen. When listening, show you are engaged by maintaining eye contact with your interviewer and exhibiting positive and professional body language.

4. Have an appropriate background

A messy room or view into your bathroom is a distraction from your story. Give yourself some privacy and a quiet space. Even hanging a curtain to separate an area of your room can help. A virtual background or blurred background can also help you shine.

Margaret Buj – | Founder

5. Make the most of post-it-notes

Research the company ahead of time and prepare your answers to common interview questions, such as:

  • Why are you interested in this role?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement?

Avoid memorising each response, so you don’t sound overly rehearsed. Instead, write some high-level thoughts down on Post-it Notes that you can stick to your computer. (ensure that they can’t be seen by the interviewer)

Marcus Wermuth – Buffer | Manager & remote work advocate

6. Be authentic and up-front

I am always a fan of being authentic. So if you have a baby, pets or puppies or anything that you might need to check on. Mention it to the interviewers. We are all just humans and those things are normal when working from home. Starting the interview with that can often send a great signal.

Lisa Phelps – Adecco | Executive director

7. Test your tech

Before you take part in your remote video interview, test your microphone, speakers and camera and familiarise yourself with the interview software. Also, check that you have a reliable internet connection that does not drop out and ruin your interview.

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JDL Director Andrew Fennell commented, “Pandemic lockdown restrictions forced businesses to incorporate video interviews into their recruitment process over past 12 months, but many employers have seen huge benefits to remote-interviewing, so video interviews are probably here to stay for months or even years to come. So, it’s important that candidates are prepared to interview remotely, and are aware of common pitfalls such as not testing their equipment, presenting from a messy room or not dressing appropriately.”

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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