IEC 61850 Week 2021! 18-22 October in Sweden!

EVENT: 150+ IEC 61850 leaders convene in Gothenburg Sweden on 18-22 October 2021, to review the latest IEC 61850 system implementation within the substation, inter-substations, to the control room and across DER infrastructure

Recent research carried out by Smart Grid Forums among power grid operators worldwide, indicates that Covid-19 has injected urgency into utilities’ digitisation plans with profound implications for substation automation teams. This year’s 8th annual IEC 61850 Week 2021 hybrid event will be held 18-22 October 2021 in Sweden and draw together pioneering IEC 61850 implementation leaders for a week-long review of the latest standardisation developments, pilot project results, large-scale implementation experiences, and future application explorations.

The focus will be on driving the deployment of IEC 61850 architectures through more efficient specification, engineering, testing, operation, maintenance, and innovations in cybersecurity within a more rapid ‘replacement’ environment. Case studies will focus on implementations of process bus and station bus architectures, with applications within the substation, inter-substations, from the substation to control centre, and across distributed energy resources.

Monday 18th October: Specification Workshop

The week begins with a hands-on practical workshop providing utilities and suppliers with the opportunity to explore how they can leverage IEC 61850 specification guidelines to improve their collaboration, streamline the end-to-end specification process, reduce duplication of effort, and ensure clarity of utility objectives whilst leveraging supplier expertise.

Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st October: Implementation Case-Study Conference & Exhibition

Over the course of these three days, participants will hear the latest lessons learnt from pilot projects and large-scale deployments of multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems worldwide. With case studies from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa, this is a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective on real-world deployment activity, future system and component requirements, and explore brand new partnership opportunities.

Friday 22nd October: Cybersecurity Seminar

The week wraps up with this deep-diving seminar into the cybersecurity issues currently impeding the deployment of IEC 61850. With a thorough exploration of IEC 62351 and IEC 62443 both on a conceptual level and in terms of its application and evolution, participants will come away with a clear understanding of how they can tighten up system security today and what cybersecurity innovations they can plan to leverage tomorrow.

Due to ongoing travel uncertainties, this year’s programme will be held in a hybrid format, with an onsite experience offered to those who will be permitted to travel, and an online alternative for those who won’t.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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