Innovation just got easier with new tech platform Solverboard


A new innovation management platform is officially launching today following extensive research and development by its team.

Solverboard, developed in Bristol, UK, has evolved from its original idea management product launched in 2016, into an all-in-one platform for enterprise innovators to manage their whole portfolio from idea through to actualisation.

The platform has been recognised by leading corporations, with major names like Network Rail, HS2, British Council, ATOS, Elvie, Enterprise Group, and SXSW requesting early access.

The team have developed Solverboard to be the only innovation management platform focused on strategy-led innovation, allowing businesses to align their innovation portfolio directly with their business mission and goals.

Led by three co-founders Philip Atherton, Charlie Widdows, and Tim Marsh, Solverboard sits under the parent company Istoria Group. Philip is on the board at Istoria Group and has previously worked as an engineer and in project management for BAE Systems.

Philip Atherton, Co-Founder of Solverboard, says:

“Solverboard is built specifically for the innovation and change leaders who will be tasked with creating long-term, sustainable change in their industries.

“After developing the initial prototype we carried out in-depth interviews with more than 100 enterprise innovators. They told us they needed more than just an idea management platform – they needed a tool that would allow them to prove the value of innovation and get their c-suite on board. So we set about building the solution they were looking for.

“We’re proud of the result because the feedback we’re getting now is that Solverboard will genuinely make it easier for innovation managers to bridge the gap between creative ideas and real-world solutions to their business’ challenges.”

Charlie Widdows, Co-Founder of Solverboard, ran his own successful creative agency for 10 years before joining the team to head up sales and marketing. He says:

“Innovation has only fairly recently become a recognised profession, and we know that fewer than 10% of innovation projects succeed*. A huge part of this is because most businesses don’t have a clear innovation process or methodology.

“Solverboard gives businesses a single point of truth, bringing together idea generation, validation and testing, project management, and measuring ROI into a single workflow.

“Ultimately it guides businesses through a proven innovation framework so that they can innovate better – whether they’re trying to create a new product, become more sustainable, or manage an entire transformation programme.”

The feedback has guided the latest iteration of the platform, which has been crafted by the development team led by Tim Marsh, Co-Founder of Solverboard. He says:

“Our team has developed Solverboard to be a strategy-led – rather than idea-led – tool that allows businesses to align innovation with their business goals and run their entire innovation portfolio in one place.

“It’s been developed with an intuitive interface, meaning users can move easily from setting out their vision and testing ideas, to managing projects and measuring success in real-time.

“Innovation managers have a tough job and there is a lack of tools out there built specifically for them, so we’ve made Solverboard a place where they enjoy being that will help to bring the rest of the business into their world.”

Claire Menzies, Chairwoman, Istoria Group says:

“As part of Istoria Group, Solverboard underwent accelerated development prior to launch, exemplifying the Group’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurialism. We couldn’t be more delighted with Solverboard’s vision, thoroughness and depth of research during this period and are now very proud to see the business and its superb proposition set sail.”

Paul Bolofo, previous innovation lead at Citi, is one of more than 100 innovators who has given feedback to the team during their development process. He says:

“I’m sold. As someone who ran an innovation team, I would 100% use Solverboard to manage the whole portfolio. This platform will be a huge time saver as it offers a standardised way to measure and track projects – while also being customisable for different approaches.

“The platform enables teams to prove the value of innovation. Another hidden benefit will be reach – especially for global organisations. Solverboard will allow innovation teams to break free from siloes and engage the rest of the business in the innovation process.”

If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the Solverboard website right here!

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