Mobilityways Platform making Zero Carbon Commuting a reality.

A new technology platform has been launched to help employers reduce the environmental impact of their workforce’s commute.

“The commute is one of the least efficient journeys we ever make. Our commuting behaviour is a huge contributor to the climate crisis and employers must be accountable for reducing that impact. “If we fail to make Zero Carbon Commuting a reality, we will fail our net-zero goals. And if we fail our net-zero goals, our children will not forgive us.”

Ali Clabburn, Mobilityways Founder and CEO.

Categorised as Scope 3 emissions, commuting emissions account for 5% of the UK’s total emissions – 18 billion kg of CO2e annually. Often overlooked, commuting emissions are increasingly under the spotlight following organisations setting ambitious net-zero targets. These targets cannot be met unless commuting emissions are addressed, particularly with many employers planning their return to the office.

The Mobilityways Platform was developed in lockdown by car-sharing pioneers, the Liftshare Group, to support employers meet their net-zero goals. It’s a suite of software tools that enables employers to evidence, track, plan and change their commuter emissions. The Platform is the only software solution dedicated to decarbonising the commute. It provides full visibility of commuting challenges and identifies sustainable travel alternatives for employees.

The Mobilityways Platform is uniquely powered by ACEL© (Average Commuter Emissions Level) which is the only standardised methodology for benchmarking and comparing commuter emissions. This allows organisations to track their progress and measure the effectiveness of sustainable travel initiatives.

Sustainability trailblazer organisations have already signed up to Mobilityways with a view to reducing their commuter emissions. This includes a number of NHS Trusts from across the UK, including The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust.

“In line with the NHS commitment to be a zero-carbon NHS Trust by 2040, we believe that the Mobilityways significant package of measures can play a key role in first reducing, and ultimately eliminating our commute emissions. The dashboard’s ability to support the production of annual travel plans, reporting and evidence of interventions to reduce single-occupancy vehicles will help to ensure all this work is not onerous and that we will have a great story to tell. It will also help us to address our significant historic parking challenges.”

Richard Walker, The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because they can be found here.

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