Muellners Foundation charitable fund raising for Covid crisis

Muellners Foundation, a philanthropic voluntary association, announces that it has started a global fundraising exercise, seeking charitable social donations from human beings across the world. This is in response to the devastating Covid crisis in middle and low-income countries including India.

The Foundation will use an open-source design concept of digital INR or bitrupee. Bitrupee is a means of technology to reach more donors with different types of capital to donate to Foundation’s causes including but not limited to digital currency. With Bitrupee, the Foundation aims to create a transparent fund tracing and tracking mechanism, when it funds social development partners and NGOs, operating in geography.

It is also noted that the Muellners Foundation is in talks with digital currency payment processors & blockchain oracles in Europe.

Food and Water crisis are definitely the pressing problems that the Muellners Foundation will immediately work on as part of its “Covid Relief initiative”. The other day, the Foundation’s on-ground volunteers also released a Covid blog from India.

The first exercise is to prepare and distribute at least 10,000 meals/food ration packets in different locations across India’s tier 2-3 cities for migrant and daily wage workers who have lost livelihoods due to covid crisis.

The funds thus raised will in principal go into maintaining and creation of the open-source technology- bitrupee through Foundation’s Fellowship grants but most of it will go into procuring and distributing food & drinking water packages and personal protective equipment.

The Foundation does not spend charitable donations on any salary or a vendor. It however supports young talent with its Learn fellowship grant in middle to low-income countries.

The Foundation has already received generous grants from Google for Non-Profits, Atlassian, Amazon Web Services and Slack in the form of support grants. The Foundation also thanks to these technology partners for their generosity in this press release.

Do you need more details? Then you are in luck because more information can be found right here.

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