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As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, the smartphone has become an essential accessory, and the automotive industry is no exception. As technology has evolved, consumer behaviours and expectations have evolved with it. In order to meet the changing needs of its customers, PEUGEOT developed the MYPEUGEOT app. The app provides a multitude of helpful features that enable customers to stay connected with their vehicles, anytime and anywhere.

Free of charge and available on iOS and Android, the MYPEUGEOT app makes it possible to manage all vehicle-related services from one device. Customers can easily access driving statistics, make appointments with their local retailer, view all vehicle documentation and sort and label journeys. MYPEUGEOT also includes services dedicated to plug-in HYBRID and electric vehicles.

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The MYPEUGEOT app has been designed to make the daily life of PEUGEOT customers easier by consolidating most of their vehicle’s information onto one device. All driving statistics are available in one place, including information on fuel, cost per use and total journey times. Users can also locate their vehicle with ease, thanks to automatically recorded parking. Customers who use their vehicle for work can also sort and label journeys within the app, to differentiate between work and leisure trips.

The MYPEUGEOT app also enables customers to manage the maintenance of their vehicles. With a single click, they can access their car’s full service logbook (from Q2 2021), plan for the next maintenance, schedule the next appointments and download their handbook directly to the app. Customers can easily get in touch with the PEUGEOT network, thanks to online appointment scheduling and the PEUGEOT Assistance service.

MYPEUGEOT also includes features dedicated to plug-in HYBRID and electric vehicles. Thanks to the e-Remote control service, once a customer’s vehicle is connected to a charging station, they can manage the charging directly from their smartphone. This allows users to start charging at a time that suits them, or that offers them the best charging tariffs.

@Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #MyPeugeotApp #Peugeot #Cars #Apps #Drivers #Automotive #Connected #PeugeotUK #InCarDisplay

The user can also monitor the charging speed and the remaining charging time in real time. When the car is fully charged, or if the charging is interrupted, the customer is alerted through the application. This same service allows the temperature on-board to be pre-heated or pre-cooled, so that customers can set off on journeys in comfortable conditions. This feature is accessible whether the car is plugged in or not (depending on traction battery charge level).

Customers can also consult the MYPEUGEOT app for assistance with the touchscreen, to update the multimedia system and to identify lights on the dashboard and their meanings. The MYPEUGEOT app also provides access to the latest news from the brand, including special offers, competitions and automotive events.

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@Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #MyPeugeotApp #Peugeot #Cars #Apps #Drivers #Automotive #Connected #PeugeotUK #InCarDisplay

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