New Golf app football fans can always stay on the ball with “We Score”

Wouldn’t it be great to never again miss a goal scored by your beloved football team – even when you’re driving? This dream scenario for many football fans is now a reality in all-new Golf from the 2020 model year onwards: The free “We Score” app delivers live football updates into the vehicle’s cockpit! Users can pre-set three clubs and one national team, and follow their favourites in all competitions. Along with live scores – which football fans will recognise from smartphone apps – standings and football news are also displayed in the app. All this information can also be read out using the “text-to-speech” function.

The new “We Score” In-Car app is the latest addition to the Volkswagen digital family in the new Golf: Customers can now enjoy news, tables, and the latest scores from the footballing world, even while they are at the wheel. Users can set three clubs and one national team as favourites. A live ticker is also available during matches. What’s more, customers need never miss another goal while on the road, thanks to push notifications of their favourite teams’ live results; these are displayed in such a way that they do not distract the driver from the road ahead. A live ticker gives real-time match updates, and the table can be easily brought up to show the latest standings.

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The new “We Score” app covers the top two divisions and the main cup competition of the relevant country. In Germany the 3. Liga is also available, while in the UK the Premier League and EFL Championship are included. The Europa League and Champions League are supported, in addition of course to the European Championships which have been postponed to this summer – with Volkswagen’s commitment to football reaffirmed as a mobility partner for UEFA EURO 2020.

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“We Score” is easy to access via the infotainment system in the Golf. After a single registration, the vehicle app can be downloaded. The “We Score” app is supported by the “Discover Pro” and “Discover Media” infotainment systems. Alongside the “We Score” and “Amazon Alexa” services, customers can also use the In-Car Shop to subscribe to data plans which allow them to use streaming services or a Wi-Fi hotspot. The “We Connect Plus” extension is also easy to order in the In-Car Shop. Further products are in the pipeline.

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Volkswagen as an official mobility partner of the DFB

Volkswagen demonstrates its commitment to football in a variety of ways, not least as an official mobility partner to the German Football Association (DFB). True to its motto, “Football means all of us”, the company supports Germany’s favourite sport from the grassroots to the elite: it is not only about focusing on the national teams but on football itself as the connecting link between Volkswagen and popular sport.

At an international level, Volkswagen is a mobility partner of UEFA national team tournaments, including the European Championships which will take place this summer. Volkswagen is also supporting seven teams that have qualified for the tournament: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, and Russia.

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@Biz_Nooz #Biz_Nooz #VW #Football #GolfApp #WeScore #OnTheBall #VWGolf #FootballFans #Cars #App #TextToSpeak #Drivers

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