Pocket Box makes lost motoring documents a thing of the past!


Pocket Box, a new mobile app for motorists, takes away the irritating headaches of car ownership. The free app securely stores and organises all of the paperwork associated with your car and also gives helpful reminders of key dates such as MOT and Tax expiry.

Pocket Box is simple to use. Documents can either be uploaded digitally or scanned in with the camera on your mobile phone. Once uploaded, all data is fully encrypted and stored with security protocols on par with online banking systems. It can be accessed as and when required – without having to dig through the cupboards and drawers to locate documents!

Pocket Box works for any vehicle and can also help to stay on top of key dates. As well as MOT and tax renewal, it also includes insurance, warranty, and service reminders. For households with multiple vehicles Pocket Box brings peace of mind and ease of management. In the future event of permitted European travel Pocket Box will assist drivers to remain legal by having all of their vehicle documentation to hand at any time.

Founded by Newry tech entrepreneur Jim Finnegan, the innovative solution has already attracted several business innovation awards.

“It’s one of those problems that you don’t even think about until the moment that you need a document or miss a date – and then it’s an issue. Where did you “file” that particular piece of info or vehicle document? We’ve all done it. Pocket Box is designed to keep everything nice and handy, and secure!” says Finnegan. “These days we use our phones for absolutely everything, so adding in the ability to manage all of the dates and documents for your vehicle seems like an easy step. You can use your smartphone’s camera to scan in your driving licence and other documents and the app will set up a list of tasks to ensure you stay roadworthy and legal”.

Pocket Box is already heading towards 10,000 downloads and is in talks with leading brands in the automotive world. Pocket Box is free to download and available on both Google and Apple App stores. Alternatively, please visit pocketbox.co.uk to download the app.

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