Polestar 2 now features ABRP app

Following feedback from Polestar 2 owners and the initiative of its original developer, Polestar 2 now features the A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) app in its Android Automotive-based infotainment system.

The new app was developed by the creator of ABRP and brings its revered EV route planning capabilities directly into the car. Highly favoured by EV drivers, the app allows for specific route planning that takes additional factors into account, in addition to the parameters available from the car itself like state of charge (SOC) and energy consumption. Other factors that influence range, like vehicle load and whether the car is fitted with a roof box or trailer, can also be accounted for.

The results allow Polestar 2 drivers to effectively plan their charging requirements with greater accuracy along a chosen route. In Polestar 2, the routing can also be transferred to Google Maps, allowing the driver to continue to benefit from the integrated navigation system in the car.

“We quickly identified a need for ABRP to find its way into Polestar 2,” comments ABRP founder Bo Lincoln. “Thanks to Polestar’s open developer portal and Android Automotive OS emulator, we worked on the app before approaching Polestar with the proposal to roll it out into the car. We have a huge user base consisting of very dedicated and particular EV drivers, who have come to rely upon ABRP. Now, those with Polestar 2 don’t need to plan and rely on the app on their phones before heading on their journey.”

The integration of ABRP in Polestar 2 is a prime example of the advantages of running Android Automotive OS in the car. App developers can utilise the proven Android ecosystem to develop apps rapidly and effectively for the car, and Polestar provides a unique development platform and emulator for them to test in a virtual Polestar 2 interface, freely and openly.

“We really value the ability for the community of both developers and Polestar 2 owners to influence what we can include in the car”, says Aloka Muddukrishna, UX designer at Polestar. “We liked what Bo had to present and following some final input to best integrate with our user interface and vehicle functions, we could release the app quickly and efficiently.”

The ABRP app for Polestar 2 is now available in the Google Play Store in European and North American markets.

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