Ten per cent of search enquires are misspelt!

It seems that we cannot do without Google these days as searching anything from health to wealth is normal even before seeking expert advice. Yet according to a blog post by Pandu Nayak, Google Fellow and Vice President, Search one in ten search queries is misspelt, luckily the Google spell check features have been around for twenty years, which is just as well, not only are we relying on Google for expert help, Google is helping without spelling too!

You’d hardly know it from the way Google Search works, but nearly 20 years after introducing our first spell-check system, spelling remains an ongoing challenge of language understanding. Before we can even begin to start looking for relevant results for a search query, we have to know what a user is looking for, spelt correctly.

But every day, one out of 10 search queries is misspelt, and new words are constantly being introduced, along with new ways to misspell them. If you’ve ever been guilty of misspelling a search only to get what you were looking for anyway, read on to learn more about the ABCs of spelling in Google Search.

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