PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano

Take the fast lane to music mastery with PopuPiano – the all-in-one keyboard that will glow-up your skills, your studio, and every note you play. PopuPiano packs melody, chords, and rhythm into a smart LED Keyboard and a powerful Chord Pad that takes you from novice player to pro track maker using a fresh approach to learning. Come level up your musical journey with PopuPiano.

Music is not that mysterious – it’s just the combination of layers of sounds. Play a piano, riff a bass guitar, and drop in a kick drum – all from one keyboard. FreePlay on the PopuMusic app puts a whole studio at your fingertips, with scales, chords, and a whole library of instruments under your control.

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PopuPiano Smart Portable Piano Offer price $348 (£289) normal price $468 that’s 25% OFF

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