PureVPN receives its second KPMG certification


PureVPN has cultivated a formidable image for itself as one of the securest options to maintain your privacy online. With more than 6,500 servers in 140+ countries, it has strived to ensure that users across the world have the option to keep their digital activities private and safe from prying eyes.

This commitment towards its users’ privacy is readily apparent in PureVPN and its zero-logs policy. With this policy, PureVPN has been a part of a rather exclusive group of services that can claim to have gone to such extents to ensure its users’ privacy at all times. Furthermore, PureVPN has always taken tremendous pride in backing up the quality of its services via external audits that further solidify its reputation as a reliable cybersecurity option.

The first of these external audits were carried out in 2019 by Altius IT. Among various other things, this audit backed up every single claim PureVPN has ever made regarding its claims of being a “Zero Log” VPN option. This included keeping no records of user IPs, IPs assigned to users, connection time, browsing history, and DNS queries generated.

However, since PureVPN’s absolute priority since it began operations has been its users’ privacy, another audit was carried out the following year in 2020 by KPMG. The purpose was simple; having its “no-logs” policy. The results vindicated PureVPN’s operations for a second time. This audit further solidified all of PureVPN’s claims about storing no IP addresses, no connection logs, and no browsing history data.

It is pertinent to mention KPMG’s standing as one of the Big Four IT Functional Job: auditing firms. Just like Altius IT, it holds the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls (CRISC), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications. These are the world’s leading names when it comes to forensically inspecting any network infrastructure architecture.

This is one of the reasons why KPMG carried another snap audit of PureVPN’s entire infrastructure. The results were yet another vindication of PureVPN’s existing infrastructure and resources. As KPMG states in their report, “It is apparent that PureVPN puts a strong emphasis on the privacy of customers.”

Additionally, this has made PureVPN the first, and the only, VPN provider that comes with Always-On Audit. This means that KPMG can carry out further snap audits without giving PureVPN any prior notice. This is an incredible mechanism to reflect PureVPN’s absolute dedication to its customers’ privacy online.

This verification of PureVPN’s no-logs policy would make it an even more relevant option for its United Kingdom users. Due to its membership in the infamous Five-Eyes alliance, the UK has the ability to collect mass surveillance data. This allows the UK, its Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) agency, to have an unprecedented overview of all its citizens’ internet activities.

Most alarmingly, the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013 revealed just how vast and methodical the GCHQ’s surveillance of its citizens had become. It has become imperative that users take steps to ensure their data remains anonymous. Since the best way to achieve that is via a reliable VPN, PureVPN’s latest KMPG certification makes it by far the best option on the market.

Need more information? If you are looking for further details on this, then you are in luck because more information can be found on the PureVPN website right here!

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