RegTech Certificate launched to provide essential FinTech training

Over 50 experts from major financial institutions, universities and innovative regulatory technology companies have contributed their personal insights and in-depth knowledge in a new online RegTech course, which provides the training and forward-thinking that finance professionals need to address the impact of RegTech innovation.

RegTech is mission-critical for financial institutions.

Regulatory technology is disrupting and redefining processes, workloads, roles and responsibilities. RegTech solutions are impacting the way leaders manage financial institutions and radically changing the way professionals work in compliance, risk management, technology, operations, information security, communications and digital transformation.

RegTech training is now essential.

Financial services professionals need to enhance their RegTech knowledge and skills in order to protect their organizations, their customers and themselves. Regulators increasingly expect financial institutions to improve performance by adopting RegTech and are holding organizations and individuals to greater account. In addition, the commercial imperatives to control costs, keep up with industry developments and get ahead of competitors are stronger than ever.

The Professional RegTech Certificate addresses real-world challenges.

The course is presented by industry professionals for industry professionals. It combines proprietary market intelligence with practical insights from leading-edge RegTech innovators, academics and senior leaders from financial institutions.

The curriculum includes a comprehensive strategic review of the RegTech industry followed by an in-depth analysis of the real-world impact – strategic, operational and commercial – of the latest industry developments.

It’s the most comprehensive and practical training course on RegTech available worldwide.

The Professional RegTech Certificate course is designed for experienced finance professionals as well as new graduates looking to enter the financial services industry. It fits around professional work commitments and meets key organizational learning objectives.

Most of the content is exclusive and comprises research presentations, video lessons, panel discussions, reports, whitepapers and case studies. Users can access the content online, 24/7, from any device and can focus on the areas that are most important to them and their organizations. The course can be completed in 10 to 25 hours, depending on the preferred path taken through the lessons.

On successful completion of the course and a test assessment, participants earn the Professional RegTech Certificate. The award recognizes a commitment to skills development that can benefit their careers and help their organizations address the disruptive opportunities and threats they face.

The course was created in response to demand from the global financial services industry.

The course was produced by FinTech Global and its RegTech Analyst subsidiary, which together serve the world’s largest FinTech & RegTech networks, produce more RegTech news and research than any other organization and host the world’s biggest RegTech conferences.

Do you need more details on this? Then you are in luck because more information can be found on the company website right here!

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