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The Royal BNB team brings you Royal BET (RBET), the first part of the Royal Ecosystem. Royal BET will be a high-quality play to earn utility, launching on Friday, 12 November 2021.

Royal Bet (RBET) is launching on the Binance Smart Chain with an animated horse racing game. Further play to earn games will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months, making RBET an attractive online place to use your cryptocurrency. The first RBET game is a horse racing animated game, this has never been seen before in the BSC space of cryptocurrency.

Part of every transaction made on RBET will buy coins in the mother coin, Royal BNB ($RB), driving up the price of the coin, as well as increasing the transaction volume of Royal BNB which gives 15% BNB rewards every 12 hours to Royal BNB holders – a great place to reinvest your RBET winnings!

The original coin, Royal BNB was launched on 31st July 2021, and sold out the presale in milliseconds! Since then the coin has been listed on Coin Gecko, CoinMarketCap, and currently has over 3500 holders. The rewards type of crypto project has great possibilities for long term financial investment as long as the transaction volume continues to grow.

The Royal BNB team are developing the Royal Ecosystem which has various connected projects to ensure growth in the original coin as well as fun utilities for the Royal BNB community to enjoy. Royal BET (RBET) is the first part of their long-term plans to see the Royal BNB Family achieve financial freedom.

When investing in cryptocurrency projects, it is important to look closely at the code, liquidity and team to see if the project is worth your time and money. Royal BET has had its code audited, and has been developed by King Edward, the Head Developer of Royal BNB. The liquidity has been locked protecting investors from being scammed. The team have been working together for about 6 months, developing a great community with Royal BNB, building loyalty and trust by following through on their promises.

Here in the Royal tokens, the team treat their investors like royalty and consider the community to be like a Royal family.

Many people made large financial returns from tokens such as Shiba Inu, Doge and Safemoon, and to follow that trend Royal Bet is the one to watch, it’s definitely going to give you an opportunity to make some serious gains!

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Royal BNB

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