Ryders expands as demand surges for last-mile delivery services


Courier-centric digital platform launches operations in Bristol, Manchester, and Cambridge; company CEO pledges ‘same passion, swiftness and rider advocacy’ in new operations as rapidly growing start-up eyes European territories.

Ryders, fast becoming a disruptive force in the UK’s last-mile delivery market, today announced it has expanded its national operations to Bristol, Manchester, and Cambridge amid growing demand for its unique commitment to riders, and its ability to offer same-day delivery pledges to customers.

The company is also eyeing European markets for expansion by the end of the year, spurred by observations of investor sentiment favouring last-mile courier businesses with substantially better records on workers’ rights.

“Our riders-first ethos got us immediate recognition in the British last-mile market,” said Duncan Mitchell, CEO of Ryders. “We were able to grow on the back of that promise to the point where we could offer instant delivery and grow our partner network.”

Ryders recently joined forces with Shopify partner Zapiet for exclusive last-mile delivery in the UK. Zapiet was largely enticed by Ryders‘ focus on improving conditions for couriers, merchants, and aggregators.

“We will bring the same passion, swiftness, and rider advocacy to our operations in Bristol, Manchester, and Cambridge, and we have every confidence that Europe will be a future success story for us,” Mitchell added.

Ryders’ last-mile delivery platform supports businesses in the management and scaling of their internal workforces alongside an on-demand rider pool. Since its launch in 2020, it has seen escalations in both demand and expectations regarding one-hour and instant delivery. Research by Supply Chain Dive in the US shows one-third of 18-to-24-year-olds to be “frustrated” with slow deliveries. And the World Economic Forum has predicted a 78% surge in worldwide demand for last-mile delivery by 2030. Further research from Fixlastmile has shown that 66% of millennials are looking for one-hour delivery options.

“From eCommerce and fashion retail to the innovative start-ups that are looking to disrupt their industries, Ryders stands as the go-to last-mile option as these companies look to keep pace with changing consumer expectations,” said Mitchell. “We are committed to helping companies of all scales live up to their pledges of swift delivery first time, every time.”

Ryders’ advanced technology seamlessly integrates with any other platform, connecting businesses to a ready fleet of on-demand couriers, and levelling playing fields in industries traditionally dominated by larger companies with dedicated fleets. And as enterprises come under increased scrutiny for ethical workplace practices, Ryders is the ideal partner to protect couriers’ rights.

Ryders has become a major force in the UK last-mile delivery market. It posted 1,000% month-on-month revenue growth in its first three months of operations. Founded on a promise to give the nation’s gig economy a makeover, Ryders has seen more than 4,000 couriers join its platform and has reached an onboarding average of 300 per week. Its corporate team has doubled in size each month to meet swelling demand.

About Ryders

Ryders is revolutionising on-demand delivery, putting riders in control of more than just their vehicles. Our company was built in direct response to the untenable injustices faced by couriers every day. We created a safe space for them, where they could feel respected and protected, and receive more work, better pay, and enhanced working conditions. Through a centralised app, Ryders streamlines delivery routes, provides financial assistance and on-the-job perks, and puts delivery professionals back in charge of their lives.

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